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Monday, 8 February 2016

Falling for Grace : the cat lover


What is it about fashion people and cats? They seem to love each other endlessly. You can watch those little creatures play their role to campaigns, on prints, on kitten(!) heels either at front row seats! The last is humorously presented at the The Catwalk Cats with Grace's
illustrations of her cats. The book documents the life of Grace Coddington and her companion Didier Malige through the eyes of their hairy little cat friends.


So fashionistas love cats and vice - versa. Any particular reason why that happens? Well from my point of view a person who loves fashion is a person who - above all -  loves constant changes. Who cares about innovation and needs the freedom to change her mind whenever she feels like it. Yes. Freedom and spontaneity are the key words. And maybe, ehhm a little snobbism?? ( check out Karl for that one !).

So a cat is a perfect pet for them. Independed, free, sometimes even behaving like brats, not so loyal and as wild as spoiled darlings at the same time. Oh yes! I prefer them myself as well. Can't stand a dog's loyalty no matter how cute...



I leave you to get on with the rest of your Monday tasks - before that I must ask: are you a cat or a dog person? Or neither?! 

Oh I almost forgot - Grace's cats from the book above are about to be turned into an animated film! Can't wait for that one.....

Lots of kisses!

y ❤️



Monday, 1 February 2016

Falling for Grace : 3 things she is an inspiration for


The news spreaded like a wildfire several days ago : Grace Coddington steps down as a creative director of American Vogue. WHAT?! Things are going to be very different from now on for sure....

Because Grace does for Vogue what the fashion designer does for the brand : her creativity fuels up all aspects of the magazine. That's why she has become an unexpected rising star since the documentary film "The September Issue" was released in 2009. Her autobiography Grace was an instant hit - still craving for that one!! - and the low profile stylist got all the attention she deserved! 


So did her 2002 work on "Grace : Thirty years of Fashion at Vogue" weighs 4,5 kg, contains 400 pages of photoshoots and sells for up to $2,450 (!) on eBay for a signed copy.

Here you can check out two of my favorite specimens of her work for Vogue: 


She has collaborated with the best fashion photographers out there - including Tim Walker, Arthur Elgort and Anne Leibovitz - creating their own fantasy world in each and every one photoshoot.


So when the 74 - year - old decided it was time to leave her, since 1988, position at Vogue in order to persue other potentials - please just think about what most ladies do at her age - I couldn't help but feeling inspired and intrigued at the same time!!
Here are three things that make me want to live life the Grace way:

1. Do it your own way  

 Against her bosse's - Anna Wintour - tend for commerciality and celebrity culture, Grace sticks for aesthetics and considers fashion from her arty perspective. And how I respect that integrity in people!! The redheaded  girl who was raised during Word War II by the proprietors of a ramshackle hotel in Anglesey (that's in Wales bytheway), used to love sailing and sewing her own clothes managed to become someone important. Escaped Anglesey - where in her own words "you could end up working in either a clock factory or a snack bar" - started modelling and never looked back. So staying true to yourself and beliefs is sometimes all it takes....

    2. When life gives you lemons you go and plant a lemon tree.
    So Grace was enjoying her life as a successful model in the 60's - nothing had prepared the young lady with the perfectly cropped hair from Vidal Sassoon who made out with Mick Jagger for th disaster that was about to come. Yes, life does that. She survived a car accident that sliced off her right eyelid, had a miscarriage and found out her fiancé was cheating on her. Modelling days were over for sure. Stuff like that destroy peoples lives in a second. But Ms Coddington decided that whining is boring and went on becoming the best creative director Vogue ever had! Things get tough for all of us sometimes. The power to become stronger and just keep on fighting  lays in our hands...never give up your dreams. They are what actually defines you after all!

    3. Shy people do rise!

    Being the kind of girl her friends in college used to call poppy due to the blushing effect on my face EVERY time I speaked up, you can understand  why I relate to Grace's shyness! Loudness seems to be promoted as a necessary tool in order to succeed. But I happen to believe that hard work and self confidence are the important factors and people like Ms Coddington are around here to prove it!
    The following two posts are also dedicated to the redheaded lady - lovely things about lovers (!) and styling. 

    So what do you think  of her?


    y ❤️

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    Monday, 25 January 2016

    Female pulses: Anastasia

    Female pulses...ladies who dare to take risks in order to communicate their inner desires, who are passionate about what they do and spread their creativity around. This is the new category I' ve decided to create here on the blog! We are about to meet together those girls, have a chat with them, ask them about their lives, their passions and of course..their style!!!

    So please allow me to introduce you to my friend Anastasia. I am sooooo glad to have her in my life again! You see Anastasia and I where very good friends back in high school - not so long (cough cough !) ago...:):). She was one of my dearest girlfriends with whom I enjoyed spending time and talking about - what else?? - style and boys! Ahh girls in their teens..... But then she left... her family moved to US due to her father's job obligations and we lost touch

    Until.... I started blogging! And we found each other - in fact she found my blog and commented in one of my posts and boom! We were friends again...and I found her lovely blog as well. Anastasia, between jobs and taking care of her beautiful famil
    ( mother of two )  is a renowned painter as well! She has taken part in several exhibitions in Greece and abroad. The moment I layed my eyes on her work I knew I wanted to dedicate a post to it. And last week we finally got together to have some coffee and talk about it.

    She invited me to her colourful place - so I grabbed my camera and some chocolate cake and there I was! Talking to my dear friend in to take a glimpse into her world? 
    Follow me...

    When did you realise you were a painter?

    Well I guess I always liked to draw since I was a little girl. Being influenced by my family's close friend Lily Imellou who painted, I was fascinated by drawing and thought may be I could be a painter or even a fashion designer! I ended up studying completely different things at college...But when I went back to US with my husband I finally took art classes.   

    Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    Ohh there are so many things that can lead me to the canvas. A colour , a feeling , a textile , a movie fact my painting the goldfish's kiss  must have been the representation of the feelings I had after watching the film Only lovers left alive with the extraordinary Tilda Swinton. Or the paintings I created in Hamburg in which the atmosphere is somehow grey and foggy.  Most of the times I start with an idea and as I paint I let myself free to get apart from it and keep on painting until it feels right. Once I draw - one on top of the other - seven different paintings on the same canvas!

    What's the most valuable advise you have received concerning your art?

     It's not actually an advice. There was a time in my life when everyday routine has absorbed so much of me that I had stopped painting completely. After a while I started having that feeling of emptyness - something was missing. That's when my husband surprised me with a huge order of art supplies - oil paints, brushes and empty canvas were there at my feet waiting for me to use them. And so I did and didn't stop ever since!

    Where would rather exhibit your work?

    My blog has proven to be an excellent tool to show my work and communicate some thoughts about the theme of each painting. But of course I prefer art gallery exhibitions - a more direct approach which can give you important feedback from people.


    I 've noticed that there are a lot of female figures - with some textile detailing - at your paintings...

    As I mentioned before, I once wanted to be a fashion designer! I enjoy browsing fashion  magazines and draw inspiration from photoshoots, collections, colours, fabrics, interiors....Sometimes all it takes to get the ideas flowing is an interesting colour combination. I really like soft green along with pink for example!

    My kind of girl! So how important is style for you?

    Very much! I really like mixing different prints and textiles in order to decorate my home and myself as well. Everything changes around here according to my current mood. This makes me feel rejuvenated and inspired.  

    Which main garments in your closet  define your style? What's your absolute favorite?

    There is a classic black coat that never goes out of style. My cowboy boots. Loose feminine dresses. But the absolute favorite is my khaki backpack - an authentic military garment that I could carry around all the time!

    We kept on talking about several matters  - clothes, cooking, living abroad etc. We discovered we both have a preference for all things French!  I left Anastasia's home with a huge smile and a promise to meet again soon. Can't wait for some more coffee and chit - chatting...


    y ❤️

    Tuesday, 19 January 2016

    This for boogie

    Well well here we go year is already ahead of us and it has been soooo generous with my yohanna. There are a lot of wonderful things going on around here but today I want to focus to This For Me & This For You exhibition. Oh yes my creation above is a part of it - and the cause is as liberating as it is nobble!

    Let me explain : people from different backgrounds have been invited to create around a ..penus (!) made of plaster. The idea is to feel comfortable and free of any negative thoughts around this part of human anatomy which considered to have been symbol of creativity and prosperity in ancient civilizations - greek included. The exhibits will be sold at a super event in Romantso (Athens) on the following Thursday 21/01 for a special cause. More information about the event here .

    And a little bit about the concept of my, hmmm, penus - well that sounds bizarre - hehehehe!! Having the 70s trend in mind, I was inspired from the atmosphere of the Boogie Nights movie. So I covered the penus in multi coloured sequins and created a sequin star as well - if you care for a  preview, it has  already been featured at Lifo.

    So you are all welcome to join us at the party on Thursday, I 'll be more than happy to see you there!!! You can check out my insta as well for updates... 

    Lots of boogie kisses!

    y ❤️  

    Tuesday, 29 December 2015

    Styling the holiday : 3 things can't do without

     Well well ...New Year's Eve is around the corner already - time flies away when on holiday! Just like when you stuff your mouth with honey macarons - delicious greek Christmas treat - oh I love them! - and they fall apart before you even get to bite them....

    As I already confided in you here , I choose to distress a little and calm down these days. But with a pile of invitations for every single day deciding what to wear can be proven quite stressful, no? Cause life is happening around getting dressed and not the other way round here - yes us fashion freaks DO exist and live among you people.....:):):)

    So here's my stress - freeing - yet - glowing recipe for styling up the rest of our holiday;
    3 things to make every regular outfit a little more festive!

    The golden glove - shoe: 

    Glowing with a medium heel, this golden ballet shoe is absolutely perfect! Comfortable enough to accompany you at your last minute shopping but with a sparkly hint. Style them up your with your high rise jeans, your man's striped shirt and a red lip.....

     The velvet jacket:

    I have the holiday spirit covered in soft, rich, velvet in my mind so this gianduja - coloured jacket is always by my side these days....paired with jeans, LBDs or even brown velvet pants to create a suit.....just perfect!

     The luminizing make up:

    Sparkling magic to use it wherever and whenever you feel like it, held in a jewel - shaped case; this luminator is a classic....

    And that's about it! What do you think??? Are there any tricks you follow to get the sparkle on these days? Would love to know....

    Wish you a wonderful time for the rest of the holiday and see year!!!


    y ❤️

    • Golden glove shoes, Topshop
    • Luminizing make up, Dior 
    • Vintage velvet jacket, personal collection

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